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Just as we certify our clients' processes and procedures to conform with certain standards, our own approach towards handling client certification also involves a well-defined and proven system. Here, we take you step-by-step through how your company should approach the task of ISO certification.

  • Before commencing with certification, ensure there is substantial Senior Management support and commitment to the implementation of the appropriate standard, particularly with regards to the financial and human resources required.
  • Acquire the relevant standard and all sector guidelines relevant to your industry if available. These can be obtained from Sector E Trade Associations, professional Institutions etc.
  • Decide on the scope of certification required and which parts of the company are to be certified.ertification also involves astandards
  • Review your existing system against the requirements of the appropriate standard and guidelines and identify what needs to be done to comply with the standard. Use where ever you can the experiences of other certified companies in the same industry.
  • Identify the resources required to achieve effective compliance. Decide whether there is sufficient expertise in house or the support of a consultant is required.
  • Commence generation and implementation of the documented management system.
  • ISOQAR Belgelendirme ile irtibat kurularak belgelendirme prosesi hakkında görüş birliğine (denetim tarihi vs.) varılır.

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