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BRCGS Food, Packaging Storage & Distribution Audits and Certification

In 1998, The British Retail Consortium (BRC), a UK trade organization that represents UK retailers, developed the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, taking into account the needs of the Industry.

Third party certification to the standard helps manufacturers demonstrate compliance with customer, regulatory and statutory requirements and hence assists in providing a due diligence defence.The BRC Food Certificate has been created in order to ensure that retailers and food production brand owners show the necessary attention to safety and quality and to ensure the minimum hygiene standard in food production facilities.

In order to ensure compliance with this standard, the food industry (suppliers) must adapt six basic criteria to their management systems.

  1. Organization
  2. Hazard and risk management system
  3. Technical management system
  4. Factory standards
  5. Pollution control
  6. Personnel (hygiene, raw material processing, health, storage areas)

BRCGS ; BRC Food, BRCGS IoP (Food Packaging), BRCGS Agents & Brokers, BRCGS Consumer Products and BRCGS Storage & Distribution make up the five different standards for BRC.

BRC Food Standard categorized the food business and published it under 6 categories. When applying for certification, companies should examine these categories and apply on the appropriate category for them.

  • Unprocessed meat and fish products (Red and white meat-fish, unprocessed meat and fish products)
  • Production (Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables)
  • Daily food (Milk and dairy products and eggs)
  • Meat and fish products that are cooked and frozen, ready to eat or cook.
  • Food products with heat protection package based on environmental conditions.
  • Other environmentally resistant food products (beverages, bakery products, dried foods, light food products and breakfast cereals, oils and fats, food additives.)

BRC Food Organizations that fulfill the standard conditions as a result of the BRCGS audit are entitled to receive a 1-year or 6-month certificate. A renewal audit must be taken before 12 months or 6 months pass from the first audit date. The duration of the certificate is determined by the degree of certificate taken by the organization in the audit. BRCGS Food standard has 5 levels, AA, A, B, C and D. Although AA is the highest level, the certificate validity is given as 1 year for the organization certified at AA, A and B levels. At other levels, this period is 6 months.

BRCGS Benefits

  • Increasing consumer confidence
  • Strong ties with retail distribution
  • Increasing the efficiency of production
  • Minimizing major food risks
  • It has a wide scope such as Quality, Hygiene and Product Safety
  • Provides effective control of internal processes and minimizing the risk of error
  • Gıda güvenliğine proaktif bir yaklaşım getirir.

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