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Only certificates which are covered by an accreditation of an EA, PAC, IAAC or IAF MLA signatory should be eligible for takeover, transfer or validation. If the existing certification is accredited by a body that belongs to a regional MLA only, the transfer shall be limited to other accreditations valid within that regional agreement.

Organisations holding certificates that are not covered by such accreditations shall be treated as new clients.

Where doubt exists as to the adequacy of a current or previously held certification/registration, AJA Registrars shall, depending upon the extent of doubt, either:

  • Treat the applicant as a new client,


  • Conduct an assessment concentrating on identified problem areas.

The decision as to the action required will depend upon the nature and extent of any problems found and should be explained to the potential client.

In situations where the previous certification body has ceased trading or had accreditation withdrawn a takeover or transfer of accredited certification may be possible, as long as all other conditions can be met.

Certificates which are known to have been suspended or to be under threat of suspension should not be accepted for takeover, transfer or validation.

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