İsoqar Turkey


Adres: Çınardere Mahallesi,   Ankara Caddesi, Dumankaya Plaza , No:1 Pendik – İstanbul-TÜRKİYE

Phone: +90 (216) 598 2000 (pbx)

GSM: +90 (533) 152 78 05

Whatsapp: +90 (532) 154 62 11

Fax: +90 (216) 598 2004


* You can get a response by contacting us at the e-mail addresses above to learn about the status of the certificate you want to inquire (Certificate Active, Certificate Suspended, Certificate Canceled).

* If you are a certified customer from our company, you can see your company's certificate status, audit dates and payment details by entering your User Name and Password (It will be delivered to you) on the Home Page.

* For any dissatisfaction you may encounter during GSTC or Turkak accreditation audits, you can send your complaints to the e-mail addresses above by filling out the complaint form on our website.


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