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fssc 22000

FSSC 22000 Certificate

What is FSSC 22000?

FSSC 22000 is an internationally recognized, ISO-based certification program used in the inspection and certification of food safety systems of food manufacturers in the entire food chain established by the FFSC (Food Safety Certification Foundation).
FSSC 22000 is a complete certification system based on the global food safety management standard ISO 22000. It is also linked to industry-specific technical specifications for Prerequisite programs and requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative.
FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 22002-1 /PAS 220 standartlarının şartlarını ve HACCP ilkelerini de içerdiğinden, gıda riskine karşı en kapsamlı yönlendirici ve düzenleyici kaynaklardan biridir.

Scope of FSSC 22000

One of the most important features of FSSC 22000 is that its purpose of creation can only be applied by food producers. FSSC 22000 has been specially developed for food safety management systems owned by food manufacturers who produce the following products.

  • Long-life products at room temperature (canned goods, biscuits, crackers, vegetable oil, drinking water, soft drinks, cake, flour, sugar, salt)
  • Biochemical production other than technical and technological auxiliary products (vitamins, additives, biocultures).
  • Non-durable animal products (meat, chicken, eggs, fish, dairy products)
  • Perishable herbal products (fresh fruit-vegetables, fresh fruit juices, packaged vegetables and fruits)

Benefits of FSSC 22000;

  • It facilitates compliance with legal regulations.
  • It provides a transparent food chain.
  • En kapsamlı gıda güvenliği yönetim sistemlerinden biri olup, Gıda güvenliği tehlikelerinin kontrol edilmesini ve azaltılmasını sağlar.
  • Thanks to FSSC 22000 Certification, it is ensured that public and private sector cooperation is increased on the protection of consumers' food safety.
  • It is constantly improved according to the current and future expectations of customers and related parties. This allows organizations to find new customers as well as maintain existing customers.

How to get FSSC 22000 certified?

After the system is put into effect with the FSSC 22000 consultant, the certification company is audited and the FSSC 22000 certificate can be obtained according to the audit result.

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