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iso 14001 belgesi

ISO 14001 Belgesi - TURKAK & UKAS Akreditasyonlu

What is ISO 14001 certificate?


Organizasyonun bağlamından, çevre boyutlarından ya da ÇYS operasyonlarından ortaya çıkabilecek riskleri ve fırsatları belirlemek, yasal yükümlülükleri karşılamak ve çevre boyutlarını yönetmek için kullanılan bir sistemdir. ISO 14001, bir kuruluşun çevresel performansını artırmak için kullanabileceği bir çevre yönetim sistemi için gereksinimleri belirtir. ISO 14001, çevresel sorumluluklarını, sürdürülebilirliğin çevresel boyutuna katkıda bulunan sistematik bir şekilde yönetmek isteyen bir kuruluş tarafından kullanılmak üzere tasarlanmıştır.

ISOQAR Certification provides certification services on ISO 14001 with its technical staff. ISOQAR Certification performs these certification audits accredited by UKAS and TURKAK (depending on the customer's preference). Environmental awareness has started in the USA and Europe and has spread rapidly in other countries in recent years.

ISO 14001 belgesinin amacı nedir?


The organization interacts with the environment as a whole, including its finished product and waste sources.

These products and wastes, which can be classified as solid, liquid and fugitive gases from their activities, spread to the environment and cause pollution. ISO 14001 enables organizations to manage their relationships with the environment. Considering the environmental factor in the design and evaluation of processes is based on two main reasons:

  • Social sensitivity of the region where the company is located and the sanctions of central and local governments,

  • Economic-political sanctions of the country where the firm is located.

The first reason is based on the view that permanent development can only be achieved through the rational use of natural resources and the utilization of waste in a way that reduces environmental pollution.

The second reason differs, as it includes economic and political dimensions. Political and economic organizations (such as the European Community) can also be the source of sanctions.

While the environmental regulations of central and local governments have an indirect effect on quality management systems, they have a direct effect on environmental management systems. As a result, the applications of environmental management systems in different countries may vary.

ISO 14001 standard has been established to ensure the standardization of environmental management systems. Another environmental standard that is increasing in importance is EMAS. (The European Eco Management and Audit Scheme).

ISO 14001 with its publication, the standard has become demanded by local governments or important customers.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001 certification?


  • Helps comply with current and future legal and regulatory requirements
  • It increases the leadership and participation of the employees
  • Increase stakeholders' trust in the company through strategic communication
  • Achieving strategic business goals by incorporating environmental issues into business management
  • Gain a competitive and financial advantage through improved efficiency and reduced costs
  • Promote better environmental performance by integrating suppliers into the organization's business systems

ISO 14001 belgesi zorunlu mu?


ISO 14001 is a voluntary standard that organizations can approve. Integrating this with other management system standards, most commonly ISO 9001, can further assist in achieving organizational goals.

Who can get the ISO 14001 certificate?


Almost any business can benefit from being certified against ISO 14001 standards. The certification is broad enough to offer significant benefits to organizations in any industry or sector, while also offering a specific framework for implementing relevant sustainable practices.

How to get ISO 14001 certificate?


  • Learn about the ISO 14001 Standard
  • Perform ISO 14001 Initial Environmental Review and GAP Analysis
  • Plan your ISO 14001 Project
  • Training your staff on ISO 14001
  • iso 14001 Çevre Yönetim Sisteminizi dokümante edin
  • Apply your EMS 
  • Have your EMS audited and certified


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