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iso 45001 belgesi nedir?

What is ISO 45001? 

is the standard of occupational health and safety. The systematic and scientific studies carried out in order to protect from accidents and other factors that may harm human health and to provide a better working environment during the execution of work in workplaces are called OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH and SAFETY.

All over the world, especially in industrialization and technological development countries such as our country, some problems related to Occupational Health and Occupational Safety arise, and these problems affect the work efficiency as well as the health of the employees.

Working environments are full of various environmental factors that pose personal health and safety risks, arising from the processes carried out and the materials used and produced.

How long will the ISO 45001 Certificate be obtained?


İso 45001 belgesi almak için gerekli süre, belge alım süresini etkileyen faktörler sistemin karmaşıklığı, yerleşke sayısı, iç kaynaklar, danışmanlık bütçesi gibi faktörlere bağlı olarak değişebilir. Belgelendirme kuralları hakkında bilgi için sayfamıza gidebilirsiniz.

Where to get ISO 45001 certificate, who can provide it?


With ISOQAR Certification technical staff ISO 45001 It provides certification services on ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems with its ISOQAR Certification technical staff. It carries out its audits with UKAS accreditation. ISO 9001 You can visit our page to get it.

What is the structure of ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 certificate ,ISO 45001 standard, like all other ISO management system standards,

-Prepared according to the ISO Annex SL (High Level) template. 

-PDCA (Plan - Do - Control - Act) model has been applied.

What is Occupational Health and Safety Management System?

In our workplaces where we spend an average of one third of our daily life, every employee and manager has a basic responsibility for the measures to be taken to ensure a healthier and safer life. Providing these safe environments that are suitable for human beings can only be achieved by adopting the rules on this issue as a lifestyle.

As in traffic accidents, our country is one of the countries with the highest number of accident incidents in Europe. Every year, an average of 140,000 occupational accidents, 2,600 disability, 1,500 fatal occupational accidents occur.

According to the statistics made by the International Labor Organization (ILO) , a worker anywhere in the world dies as a result of injury or illness at work, and at least three people are injured every second.

In Turkey, a vast majority of work-related accidents occur in small businesses. However, when our large industrial enterprises are compared with the European countries operating in the same field, it becomes clear how insufficient we are in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.


What is job security training? 

All of the methodical and continuous works carried out within a plan in order to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, to make the working environment and conditions suitable for health, to evaluate and develop human resources and to prevent unsafe movements is called OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY .

The purpose of occupational safety:

Avoiding the dangers arising from business, environment and social activities, providing a healthy and safe living and working environment and minimizing the events that harm the happiness of all people is THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY .

The purpose of focusing on work accidents are:

  • To prevent physical harms
  • To prevent financial damages
  • To prevent national wealth losses
Application principles of occupational health and safety

Planning: Occupational Health and Safety studies should be carried out within a plan and program.

Continuity: Country industry and enterprise based studies should be continued without interruption.

Method: Planned and continuous studies should be carried out with technical and scientific methods required by occupational safety conditions.

The purpose of occupational health and safety:

  • Protecting employees from accidents and other factors,
  • To ensure production safety,
  • To ensure business security.

Protecting Employees: The primary purpose of occupational health and safety is to protect employees from the negative effects of the workplace and to ensure that they work in a comfortable and safe environment.

Ensuring Production Security: By minimizing the loss of workforce and working days that may occur due to work accidents and occupational diseases, thus ensuring an increase in work efficiency, production (product and / or service) protection is one of the aims of health and occupational safety.

Ensuring Business Security: Elimination of fire, explosion, machine malfunctions and failures that may endanger the business with the precautions taken in the working environments will ensure operational safety.


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