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ISO 9001 Quality Management System Training

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Who should attend?


  • Those who want to audit the quality management system of their organization according to IS0 9001 requirements
  • Auditors and QMS managers aiming to have a widely accepted qualification
  • Those wishing to meet the formal Auditor / Lead Auditor training requirements for IRCA certification


Course content:


  • To learn the key 7 principles of the quality management system,
  • Understand quality management terms, definitions and rules.
  • To interpret the articles and conditions of the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Apply ISO 19011 terms, definitions and rules.
  • Recognize the principles, practices and types of control.
  • Performing all stages of an audit activity.
  • Understanding the role of objectives, scope and criteria in the audit process.
  • Selection of the audit team.
  • Conducting the audit planning and opening meeting.
  • To do the document review.
  • Developing a list of questions.
  • To learn the roles and responsibilities of Auditors and Lead Auditors.
  • To communicate effectively during the inspection.
  • Performing field inspections.
  • Obtaining objective evidence through interview, observation, sampling and note taking.
  • Preparing audit results, reports
  • Conducting a closing meeting.
  • To report the audit that includes providing valid, real and added value and to prepare nonconformity reports
  • Performing follow-up audits that include the effectiveness of corrective actions.


Participation Requirements:


  • Basic knowledge and perspective about ISO 9001, to have basic knowledge about audit.
  • If possible, to have previously received ISO 9001 information and basic training.
  • To have basic knowledge about the operation of organizations and the roles of top management.
  • Risk Based Thinking - To have knowledge about Risk Management.




Those who attend the entire training and succeed in the written examination to be made at the completion of the training shall receive “IRCA Approved Achievement Certification”.

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