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The integrity and professionalism of the Certification process cannot be compromised. Other than this, our approach is to offer the client total flexibility whenever and wherever we can. In addition our internal systems have been structured to support thus flexibility and minimize the inconvenience to our clients.

The lead-time from application to Certification is guaranteed at four weeks or mutually agreed date. However should you require a shorter lead-time we will generally be able to comply with your wishes.

The application fee is required only on submission of application. First year fees are not payable until the start of the certification process. This is triggered by submission of your documentation for document review. Annual fees are for the cost of surveillance visit only. There are no annual levies or Certificate renewal fees.

Payment terms are flexible, with the application fee payable on application and the first year fees only payable at the start of the assessment process. On request by customer, subsequent annual surveillance fees can be paid half yearly. No additional fees are levied and no restriction placed on the size of the company who can access this service. In addition, a small business option exists which minimize the costs for small businesses operating simple processes, on single site and employing less than 10 employees.

Generally the document review is completed off site to minimize disruption to the customers business. However, should your preference be for an on site document review, then this can be accommodated by the Team Leader at no extra cost, other than travel and subsistence expenses where appropriate. ISOQAR Turkey do not require any specific format for the client’s documentation other than it must satisfy the requirements of the appropriate standard. It’s structure and wording should be appropriate to the customer culture and easily understood by those who will have to comply with the requirements. We do not expect the procedures to exactly follow the clauses of the standard to make life easy for our assessors and auditors.

Assessment and surveillance dates are by mutual agreement (not imposed). Surveillance dates can be within plus or minus one month of surveillance due date.

Certificate Issue will usually be within 10 to 15 working days of completion of the assessment, but guaranteed to be no greater than 20 working days. ISOQAR Turkey has the ability to combine EMS and QMS Certification assessments and surveillance visits thereby minimizing cost. Surveillance visits can be combined at a later date if the initial assessments were carried out separately.

Full reporting prior to leaving site following the assessment. No surprises later when the report arrives. ISOQAR Turkey maintains a streamlined professional management, which maintains effective cost control that is reflected in our extremely competitive fee structure. ISOQAR Turkey is also managed by its principle shareholders ensuring there are no corporate, group or head office charged to our customers. This also ensures that ISOQAR Turkey is responsive to the customers needs and remains approachable by the customer, even at the highest levels of management.

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