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Mustafa Yılmaz

ISOQAR Turkey General Manager/Mining Engineer

Mustafa Yılmaz graduated his bachelor's degree in mining engineering at Hacettepe Universty. Mustafa Yılmaz who began his professional career in 1994 as the lead auditor in the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), took part in product and system certification for years. In 2003, he founded the Turkey representative of a registration company based in the UK as General Manager and served for 15 years. In order to contribute to training qualified auditors in certification sector, he completed the requirements and was approved to provide Lead Auditor trainings in 2015 registered from IRCA which is one of the two respectable institutions for auditor training. Mustafa Yılmaz continues to deliver Lead Auditor trainings for ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

A. İrfan Fenercioğlu

ISOQAR Turkey Managing Director / Certification Manager/Mechanical Engineer

After İrfan Fenercioğlu completed his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at Middle East Technical University, he participated in the quality engineering certification program of American Society for Quality. İrfan Fenercioğlu started his professional career in Misrata - Libya project of Baytur İnşaat as a mechanical maintenance supervisor, than worked in Anadolu Isuzu Otomotiv company for 10 years as design engineer, plant project coordinator and assistant quality manager. When he was working in HBS Technologies (Detroit) he has played a key role for taking Q1 certification of Ford and winning Lear Corporation best supplier award and served as project field support engineer for General Motors. After returned to Turkey, Fenercioğlu served as a Lead Auditor in a certification body. Fenercioğlu who worked for 7 years in Baymak as a Quality Assurance Manager also has FIEV process auditor and IPK, APQP, MSA, FMEA knowledge. İrfan Fenercioğlu who is managing director at ISOQAR Turkey also serves as a Lead Auditor. He is IRCA approved trainer for ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training.

Şenay Neftçi


She has completed her undergraduate education at Gazi University, Department of Chemical Engineering. She has worked as a laboratory quality control chief at Fırat Plastik between 1994-1996. She has worked as General Coordinator and calibration specialist at TSE-SJT/Istanbul between 1996-2003. She has worked as lead auditor in AJA certification in 2004. Between 2006-2013, She worked as an auditor in management system audits on ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001 in various TURKAK accredited certification bodies. Between 2006-2020, She was appointed as the external auditor of TÜRKAK in ISO 17025 standard. Between 2010-2012, She has worked as the General Manager at Belgem Belgelendirme. Between 2014 and 2015, She worked as the management systems director in the Calibration Laboratory in the Digital Technology Service. Between 2017-2018, She worked as the management systems director at TİCEM Building Materials - Teknokent / Maslak. She has joined the ISOQAR Certification family in 2022 as Deputy Certification Manager. Among her main in-company duties, she is responsible for following the overseas activities, monitoring the status of the audit files in the UK after the audit, reviewing the audit files in the Egypt office, and carrying out all certification activities in ISOQAR Turkey in accordance with UKAS accreditation requirements.

Musa Yıldırım

ISOQAR Turkey / Deputy Certification Manager / Training Manager / Food Engineer

Musa Yıldırım who is a lead auditor and trainer , has completed his bachelor's degree at 19 Mayıs University Department of Food Engineering in 1997. He has completed his military service as a reserve officer in 1998-99. He has worked as director of production and management systems between the years 1999 – 2007. He is working as Lead Auditor since 2007.He is approved Lead Tutor for ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Course. By the end of 2018, he has been serving as Training Manager and Lead Auditor of ISOQAR Turkey.

Mehmet Can Doğaroğlu

ISOQAR Turkey / Chemical Engineer/Auditor

He has completed Chemical Engineering degree at Middle East Technical University. Between 1991-95 he worked as an instructor at Çukurova University and Mersin University. In 1992-93 he participated in the US instructor training program; education, formation, technology, informatics, hazardous materials and English.Between 1995 and 2010, he worked in production and quality departments at various private sector businesses. Since 2010, he has worked as a freelance in Esügem and later in various consulting and training organizations. He delivered occupational safety trainings in different departments at Vakıf University. He has worked as an active team member, manager or trainer-consultant in the management system implementationt and certification projects of many organizations. Mehmet Can Doğaroğlu is an auditor of several standards such as ISO 9001. He is fluent in English and joined the ISOQAR family in 2019.

İsa Kuru

ISOQAR Turkey / Administrative affairs

After completing his education in Istanbul, in 2001, he started to work in Elite Photography. since 2005, He has been working in administrative affairs department at ISOQAR and and responsible for keeping and editing of archive records,keeping records before and after trainings, reporting of audit processes to Turkish Accreditation Agency, to follow and maintain the certification processes of the organizations that are entitled to receive the certificate.

Akın Yavuz Seçgin

ISOQAR Turkey Lead Auditor / Mechanical Engineer

He completed his undergraduate degree at Istanbul Technical University Department of Mechanical Engineering.He started his professional life in 1997 as Quality Engineer.Between 2002 and 2018, he worked as a quality management systems manager in various automotive suppliers. He has worked on the installation and maintenance work for Quality Management.He has practice and experience in process auditing, ISO 16949, IPK, APQP-PPAP, MSA, FMEA in the automotive sector.He joined ISOQAR certification team as an auditor at the beginning of 2019.

Dilber Atmaca

ISOQAR Turkey / Accounting Officer

Dilber ATMACA; she graduated from the Department of Accounting and is also continuing his education in the field of Banking and Insurance. She worked in the accounting department of various companies between 2005 and 2010. She continued his career as a senior executive assistant in a private company between 2010 and 2021, and also supported the finance and HR units in group companies. She worked as an accounting officer in logistics and export companies in 2021-2022. She joined the ISOQAR certification family in 2023 as Accounting Officer.

Orhan Özsezer

ISOQAR Turkey / Lead Auditor / Electrical Engineer

He graduated from Electrical Engineering faculty of Yıldız Technical University of İstanbul in 1989. He started working as draftsman and interim billing calculations of various Project before graduation. He started working for Volkswagen Electrical Systems Inc. / Sumitomo as Quality Engineer. During his career in VW, he has acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 16949 Internal Auditor certifications and concertrated on process audits both in VW and in the suppleirs per VDA 6.3. He also gained experience in basic tolls of IATF 16949 such as APQP, SPC, MSA FMEA, PPAP and Gage R&R. He started his Professional auditing (as Lead Auditor ) in Zoll in ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. Worked as Quality Manager in numarous automotive suppleirs between 2012 – 2018. In August 2019, he joined ISOQAR Certification as Lead hief Auditor.

Sonay Cantürk


She completed her undergraduate education in Çukurova University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry in 2000. Respectively in various sectors; She served as Quality Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Food Laboratory Specialist, Production Planning Officer and R&D Officer. ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, She received training on ISO 17021 standards. In 2019, She joined the ISOQAR Certification family as Planning Officer. She is the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Lead auditor. She is also the Safe Tourism and (GSTC) Global Sustainable Tourism auditor. Among her main internal duties, she is responsible for managing the planning processes of initial certification, certification renewal and surveillance audits before the audit. Moreover, She is responsible for the execution of all certification activities in Turkey in accordance with TURKAK accreditation requirements

Among his main internal duties, he is responsible for managing the planning processes of initial certification, certification renewal and surveillance audits before the audit. Moreover, ISOQAR is responsible for the execution of all certification activities in Turkey in accordance with TURKAK accreditation requirements.

Selin Taştan Akbulut


Selin AKBULUT has completed her undergraduate education in Pamukkale University Food Engineering Department in 2013. She worked as a Food Engineer, Internal Auditor and Production Manager in various catring and food production companies in 2014-2020. She has attended ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 and SA 8000 standards fundamental trainings. She has been a lead auditor in ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards and has worked as a Certification Manager and Quality Manager since 2020. She has joined the ISOQAR Turkey team in April 2022 .Among the main in-company duties are the follow-up of international activities, the monitoring of the status of post-audit files in the UK and the conducting of audit planning activities in Turkey.

Among the main internal duties of the company are the follow-up of foreign activities, the monitoring of the status of the audit files in the UK after the audit and the implementation of the audit planning activities in ISOQAR Turkey.

Eylem Ezgi Ersoy

ISOQAR Turkey / Deputy Certification Manager / Food Engineer

She received her BSc degree in Food Engineering from Ege University in 1997 and she started to work at Sardunya Hazır Yemek Uretimi ve Hizmet A.Ş. Company as a hygiene supervisor. She worked here as Hygiene Supervisor, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Hygiene Quality Assurance Manager, Project Manager and Assistant Regional Manager respectively. In 2003, she resigned from her position and worked as a freelance consultant for one year for establishing Quality Management Systems and giving personnel hygiene trainings to the several companies. In 2004, she worked as auditor / lead auditor for ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP systems at URS Certification Company. In 2005, she joined RINA Shipping and Certification company and she continued her duties by adding ISO 22000: 2005 and BRC Food Ver.4 auditor / lead auditor qualifications. She also carried out the task of planning all certification and inspection processes in the same company. In 2008, she joined Diversey Consulting, where she supervised chain supermarkets and suppliers' audits, catering industry kitchen inspections, hotel food and water hygiene audits, building maintenance cleaning audits, and audits of various food production and sales points. In her last two years in Diversey, she was appointed as Team Leader. Between 2012 and 2017, she worked as a freelance consultant and auditor. In 2018, she joined the ISOQAR Turkey team as Deputy Certification Manager.

Ebru Kaçar

ISOQAR Turkey / Deputy Planning Manager / Geophysical Engineer

Ebru Kaçar graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of Geophysical Engineering in 2012. Between 2012 and 2015, she worked as a geophysics engineer in the private sector. Later, between 2015-2017, she joined the Academy of Explosives Engineering Association and worked as a Project assistant and Blasting specialist.

She stepped into the certification sector in 2017 and worked as a Planning specialist in the certification company. She completed ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Lead Auditor Trainings here.

She joined the ISOQAR Turkey staff in October 2022.


ISOQAR Turkey / Administrative affairs

After completing his education in Manisa in 2014, he worked as a preliminary accounting staff in the private sector in 2021. As of 2023, he continues to work at ISOQAR Certification and continues to work as a personnel responsible for keeping and organizing archive records.

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