İsoqar Turkey


1. Ensure impartiality and independence is applied throughout the audit and certification process.

2. Provide total confidentiality to clients and prospective clients at all times

3. Provide a consistent approach to all audits.

4. Ensure audit teams employ a practical common-sense approach, based on experience and technical expertise.

5. Operate a professional service which is approachable and accessible at all levels to clients and potential clients.

6. Maintain an efficient and cost effective service, resulting in low cost certification with high maintenance of standards.

7. Provide a global capability to multi-site and multi-country clients.

8. Provide a full package of services within ISOQAR Turkey to be able to offer a one-stop-shop for certification services.

9. Provide confidence to accreditation authorities that ISOQAR Turkey can, at all times, comply with their accreditation requirements.

10. Ensure that ISOQAR Turkey do not practice any form of discrimination, such as hidden discrimination, by the speeding up or delaying of applications,

11. Process all applications unconditionally and without bias,

12. Ensure supplementary assessment information is limited to an outline of the assessment process and does not include guidance on the application and implementation of the relevant standard.

Mustafa YILMAZ

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