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Green Tourısm Certıfıcatıon Program

T.R. As the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and TGA announced to the public, it was decided to cooperate with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council - Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and a cooperation agreement was signed by TGA. 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched the Green/Sustainable Tourism Certification program for accommodation facilities, as well as the Safe Tourism Certification program. This program is run by TGA-Tourism Development Agency.

Turkey Green Tourism Program is a program approved and accepted according to GSTC's International Certification program. As part of the Green/Sustainable certification program, hotel audits and certification processes will begin.

 Accommodation facilities will be able to obtain a Green Tourism certificate upon completion of 42 criteria in the international certification set of GSTC.

Turkey Green Tourism Certification Program has the status of an official program by GSTC and the GSTC logo will be included in the documents of the facilities that have met all the criteria.

VIREO We are pleased to announce that we are operating in cooperation with ISOQAR for GSTC certification in Turkey as well!

ISOQAR Turkey is a TURKAK Accredited Certification Body in Management Systems operating in Istanbul. It is also the sole representative of Alcumus ISOQAR Ltd and Vireo company in Turkey. Alcumus ISOQAR provides ISO Certification services with UKAS accreditation through a global network of partners.

 GSCT and Green Tourism Certification audits to be conducted in cooperation with ISOQAR VIREO have been accepted and officially recognized by TGA-Tourism and Development Agency.

If you want to be included in the Green Tourism Program, get information and apply, please call the contact numbers below or send an e-mail by filling out the application form in the relevant link.

Green Tourism Certification Process and Conditions:

  • Within the scope of the Green Tourism Program, accommodation facilities will be given 3 types of certificates according to the compliance they provide as a result of the audit. Facilities that are entitled to receive a certificate by complying with the Green Tourism Stage 1 requirementGreen Tourism Stage 1 Certificate, Yeşil Turizm 2. Facilities that are entitled to receive a certificate by complying with the stage requirement will receive a Green Tourism 2nd Stage Certificate and facilities that are entitled to receive a certificate by complying with all criteria will receive a Green Tourism Certificate (a certificate equivalent to GSTC). Green Tourism Certificate validity period for Accommodation Facilities, 1 year from the last day of the certification audit. A proposal will be sent and a certificate renewal audit will be carried out before the certification expiry date.
  • During the audit The evaluation criteria and conditions currently published on will apply.
  • Inspections will be planned for a minimum of 1 day, there will be no remote inspection. (Online)
  • Tesis hakkında şikayet olması halinde yukarıda bahsi geçen denetimlere ilave bir denetim gerçekleştirilecektir ve ilave denetim ücreti talep edilecektir.
  • The QR code will be found in the certification document to be given as a result of the audit. QR Code will be open to everyone and when read, audit time, auditor name, nonconformities corrected as a result of audit, deficiencies and other details related to audit will be reached. The certificate you have received will contain the necessary security elements.
  • The labels that will be affixed to the entrances and other visible points of the facilities as a result of the inspection will be delivered to the facilities in pieces and in debit.
  • After the auditor's on-site or remote audit, nonconformities are closed by the facility and conveyed to the certification body, the certification body of the organization is issued by the certification body within 7 days, based on the sufficient evidence of closure.
  • In case the nonconformity closures are not found sufficient, the facility has to make the necessary arrangements and submit them to the certification body for evaluation.
  • In case of non-compliance with the criteria during the audits, the relevant facility will be given 90 working days if the detected deficiencies are major (major) and within 30 working days if they are minor (minor). will go. Audits will be repeated as the closing time for nonconformities has expired.
  • In the event that the organization obtains a certificate after the audit, your Certification scope is "GREEN TOURISM / GSTC Certification Evaluation Criteria in Accommodation Facilities and Food & Beverage Units within the Facilities".

Green Tourism Certificate Related Documents

Click here for the Green Tourism Certification Program, criteria and detailed information by ISOQAR&VIREO:

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